How breast pain is linked to the monthly period?

For some females, there can be some bodily changes during or before the menstrual cycle. The period cycle can also cause different symptoms, most common being sore breasts. The hormonal fluctuations before the menstrual cycle can cause breast tenderness or pain. Women facing this problem can follow a few measures which can reduce breast pain or discomfort. However, if the breast pain gets severe or the female observes signs of a breast infection, she should seek immediate medical help. Breast pain or tender breasts is a general premenstrual symptom that typically occurs about 5–10 days before the period is due. Cyclical breast pain or tenderness is a common part of the period cycle and is usually nothing to worry about. There are several measures that can help reduce breast pain or discomfort like supportive bras, warm or cold compresses, massages, pain relief medications, herbs, supplements, dietary changes, etc. Read ahead to find out the causes of breast pain during periods and how to reduce the pain.

*PMS Premenstrual Syndrome

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