Luteal phase support during IVF cycle: Patient Success Story

In 2018, I was 35 years old (weight 80 Kg), an obese woman with primary infertility of eight years, having strong features of PCOS & AMH was 10.5. I had undergone 5 cycles of IUI + COH and 3 IVF cycles. I showed extremely poor endometrial development to standard therapy. So I was given therapy for weight loss & endocrine milieu improvement. I was given a lot of medications for endometrial preparation. Despite all these medications, endometrium development was not satisfactory (always less than 5 mm). I was posted for second Look Laparoscopy & extensive PCO Drilling was done (multiple punctures & wedge incisions). I underwent IVF- OD which showed a positive pregnancy test (HCG positive) but I underwent spontaneous miscarriage. I went for a second opinion & was diagnosed as “End Organ Failure” & advised Surrogacy. Doctors decided to give me one more trial after extensive endometrial preparation in a thaw cycle. I was given vaginal progesterone in the luteal phase as standard support as it is associated with a lower incidence of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). This treatment leads to comparable rates of implantation and my pregnancy was confirmed by a positive pregnancy test with the help of this luteal phase support. I felt no dizziness, drowsiness. At present, I am 6 weeks pregnant with cardiac activity present.

*PMS Premenstrual Syndrome

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