Things women should do during pregnancy are shown in figure. Also include:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol and chewing tobacco.
  • Avoid being contact of a substance used for destroying insects or other organisms, chemicals and metals like lead (sisa), mercury (para) etc.
  • Eat a balanced diet that includes vitamins, iron and calcium.
  • Maintain safe travel habits, such as correct seat belt usage.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Oral health and dental procedures can continue as regular check-up during pregnancy. The risk to the fetus (unborn baby of more than eight weeks during pregnant) is exceptionally low whereas the risk of women not getting proper medical/dental care can be great.
  • Substance applied to skin, clothing or other surfaces to avoid insects can be used in pregnancy and should be used in areas with high risk for insect-carrying illnesses.
  • Women should get sufficient rest for up to six to nine hours a day. Early in the pregnancy she might feel sleepy during the day because of high levels of the steroid hormone that activates uterus to prepare for pregnancy. Thus, pregnant woman needs short-sleep during the day, and could make a normal day at work feel comfortable.
  • Stay hydrated, drink at least eight glasses (1.5 liters) of fluid everyday, juice could also make up a part of that.
  • Do get a flu vaccine as WHO recommends that women who are pregnant during the flu season should receive vaccine as it helps women body to build up antibodies that protect the unborn that get exposed to the live virus.
  • Pregnant women should be advised to sleep on their left side.


Things women should avoid during pregnancy were represent in figure. Also include:

  • Avoid treatment including herbal (plant product) supplements and medicines without prescribed by the doctor.
  • Don’t do activity that needs large amount of force as it involves a risk of falling.
  • Avoid unboiled milk and soft cheese.
  • Avoid taking hot baths. High temperatures can be harmful to the unborn baby or lead you to faint.
  • Avoid rays of X-rays during pregnancy.
  • Small amount of alcohol during pregnancy does not appears to be harmful to the unborn baby, but the exact limit between safe and unsafe is unknown. Therefore, alcohol should be avoided in pregnancy.
  • Smoking during pregnancy is avoided, as it can cause miscarriage, low birth weight, premature delivery and respiratory problems. If unable to quit nicotine, replacement with patches and gum, is an appropriate smoking ending strategy.
  • Avoid spraying or showering with water as it can promote infections
  • Avoid eating raw meat fish as parasites live in the meat of raw fish. This increase the risk of bacterial poison, as pregnancy lowers down the immune system of the body, so they are more likely to get serious illness from any food-borne germs.
  • Pregnant women should avoid foods that are being carried from possible bacteria that causes food poisoning , found especially in cheese and other products made from milk .
  • Avoid cleaning the cat’s tray, as an extremely dangerous infection can be spread by cat’s waste material and could also be found in the garden where cat’s wastes passed out from the body. Thus, advisable to avoid changing the cats’ tray regularly.
  • Avoid toxic gas and chemicals, as it can affect women’s body and can also affect baby’s growth and development.
  • Avoid taking all illegal drugs and intoxicants like bhang, hashish, etc. They may cause birth defects, knowledge and behavior-related problems, or unborn baby’s death.
  • Avoid laser hair removal treatment during pregnancy; because skin is more sensitive to irritation and harmful skin reactions are common during pregnancy.
  • Don’t get into steam bath or overheat while bathing, as the increase in temperature significantly may cause threatening to pregnancy and may also cause dizziness with the risk of fainting while you come out of the steam bath or steam room.
  • Avoid going in germs infected area.
  • Avoid travel far from home in third trimester (begins in week 28 of pregnancy and lasts until give birth).
  • Avoid excessive exercise, heavy lifting, or unusual activities without discussing with doctors.

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